S4 League: Blade Revolution


Blade Revolution


In the place where once two epic weapons – Katana and Sigma Blade – were forged, nothing is like it was before: War has come over Blade City like a flood trying to sweep away mankind off the face of the earth. But not YOU! You and your team are standing their ground: No retreat. No surrender. Until the last team standing will raise their swords to the sky as the winners of this awesome event called “Blade Revolution”!


The Blade City Revolution Event will take place on Saturday, 23rd of June 2012, at 18:00 alaplaya time (GMT+2/CEST)

The maximum number of applications will be chosen depending on the amount we're able to handle. If we get more applications than we need, the number of participants will be drawn by lot. Application is possible until Wednesday, 20th of June at 23.59 alaplaya-time.


Event Details:

  • Game Mode: Siege
  • Map: Blade City
  • Weapon Limit:
    • Each team must have 4 Katana users OR 4 Sigma Blade users
    • All weapons are allowed.
  • Teams of 4
  • Allowed Skills
    • HP+
    • Sp+
    • Block
    • Invisible
    • Metallic
    • Detect
    • You must NOT use any other skills, using other skills will lead to your disqualification of the tournament.
  • Stat Limits: none
  • Name Changers: If you have used 1/7/30 days name changer before applying to the event, please mention your old permanent name and your new timed nickname.If you have used any name changer after applying for the event, reply to your ticket with the new name. Any player who will change his name and will not inform us about it will not be allowed to take part in the event.
  • Level Limit: 30+


Please provide the following information in the eMail you send to this address:

  • Subject: 4 Blade Revolution
  • In-game names of all 4 players in your team
  • If any are on a timed name changer, state both their timed nickname and their main nickname)
  • In-game levels of all 4 players in your team
  • Blade type: Sigma OR Katana

Here's an example screenshot of how it should look:



If your application is successfully sent you’ll get a reply like so:


Mind you:

Any application that comes in too late or lacks the required information will not be considered at all. Besides you may only take part with the very character mentioned in your ticket, we will neither allow attendance with one of your other chars or with name change used! If you sign up for this event, please do not change your S4 nickname until the event is over, if you won until you received your AP. If there are any errors or changes needed to your mail, please reply to the first one as soon as possible.


Any unnecessary behavior affecting our events will not under any circumstances be tolerated. Please follow instructions and stick to the basic rules such as: not give away your password, only join rooms allocated to you, no use of bad language and no constant spamming to us or the lobby. If you do try to disrupt the event, we reserve the right to lock your account.

Before the event:

  • If you're accepted, you will receive an email and ticket reply at least 24 hours before the event. (Alaplaya time)
  • If you got your acceptance by ticket but didn’t receive the email, please reply to the ticket saying so. We'll send you the data as soon as possible (As long as it's before the event starts).
  • If you're not accepted you will receive a ticket reply saying so.


Rewards (Per Person in the winning teams):

  • 1st 30.000 AP
  • 2nd 15.000 AP
  • 3rd 10.000 AP


Best of luck!


Your Alaplaya Event Team